Spieldauer: 60 Minuten
Autor: Louis & Stefan Malz
-Number of players: 2-4 player game time: 60 minutes Age: 12 years old Player becomes the lord of the Edo period, and earn points and money that you build trading post and house, and the fort and around Edo. Ali action icon on one side of each square tile of action (three), we will make action by placing the board of it yourself. Louis & Stefan Malz work Players are trying to serve their Shogun by using their samurai to construct castles, markets and houses in Tokyo and surrounding areas
2-4 Players/60 minute play time
Worker Placement meets Action Programing and Simultaneous Action Selection
The players are daimyos developing the region of EDO -today known as Tokyo- by building houses and trading goods. The goal is to increase their influence in the Tokugawa empire. Players begin each round by simultaneously planning their actions in secret, which are then revealed and played one after the other. Whoever has the best plan wins the game. Edo is a Worker Placement game that involves simultaneous action selection.

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